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Opportunities created by Spin-Orbit Interactions
Gang Cao
Department of Physics
University of Colorado Boulder

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Abstract: Effects of spin-orbit interactions in condensed matter are an important and rapidly evolving topic. A sea change occurred with the discovery of spin-orbit interactions in graphene by Mele and Kane, which has led to the exciting new field of physics addressing a rare interplay between spin-orbit and Coulomb interactions in condensed matter. I will describe an entirely new hierarchy of energy scales inherent in 4d/5d-electron based oxides and its unique consequences, highlighting discrepancies between experimental confirmation and theoretical proposals that address superconducting, topological and quantum spin liquid phases in iridates. I will then present our recent discoveries of novel quantum phenomena in iridates and ruthenates and conclude by venturing a perspective for research on spin-orbit-coupled oxides.

For more information about Prof. Cao, you can consult his research web page.

Cette conférence est présentée par le RQMP.

Opportunities created by Spin-Orbit Interactions - Gang Cao (Boulder)