Machine learning methods for chemical and material discovery
Sékou-Oumar Kaba
Mila - Institut Québécois d'Intelligence Artificielle

The presentation will be given in English.

Videoconference: Zoom #: 930 2643 2919 (link)
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Machine learning methods are taking a growing place in scientific research. Chemical and material discovery are examples of fields in which they have seen a recent surge in popularity. Current large scale projects in this line of research include for example the search for a cure to COVID-19 or efficient materials for solar cells.

In this talk, I will aim to give a friendly introduction to some popular machine learning methods used in chemistry and material science. This will include 'classical' machine learning and deep learning. I will also talk about the so-called generative methods that could prove useful in discovery applications.

RQMP sémaire d'étudiant - Sékou-Oumar Kaba (Mila)