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Conférence scientifique › Drug Safety in Children - From Reactive to Proactive  


    • Michael Rieder, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FAAP, FRCP

        • Professeur, Département de pédiatrie, physiologie et pharmacologie et médecine, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, Université Western, London, Ontario

        • Scientifique, Institut de recherche Robarts

        • Chaire GSK-IRSC en pharmacologie clinique pédiatrique

Scientific Conference › Drug Safety in Children - From Reactive to Proactive  

Specific drug therapy has been one of the seminal events that have transformed health care for children. However it has not been without cost and adverse drug events have been a problem in child health care for as long as we have had specific drug therapy. The history of drug regulation has been marked by tragedies in children and the approach to date has been reactive. Our expanding knowledge of the fundamental biology of drug disposition and response in children has offered us a chance to change the paradigm. Coupled with Precision Medicine and big data, we now have the ability to move from reactive to proactive, providing child health care providers and researchers with the opportunity to better define and develop effective and safe drug therapy for children.

Drug Safety in Children - From Reactive to Proactive