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Conférence pharmaceutique Barré avec le docteur Joseph M. DeSimone

La Faculté de pharmacie de l'Université de Montréal accueillera les 2 et 3 mai prochains dans le cadre des Conférences pharmaceutiques Barré, le Dr Joseph M. DeSimone, éminent professeur de génie chimique de l’Université de la Caroline du Nord et PDG et cofondateur de Carbon Inc.  Dr DeSimone a notamment reçu en 2016 du président Barack Obama la National Medal of Technology and Innovation et, en 2018, le prestigieux prix de la « National Academy of Sciences for convergent science ».

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Digital Light Synthesis to Drive Manufacturing : Convergence of Hardware, Software and Molecular Science 

In many ways, manufacturing processes define what’s possible in society.The opportunities to make things that can improve the health and well being of society are central to our interests to develop scalable methods that can make complex structures more economically than in the past. This lecture will describe a new advance in additive manufacturing, referred to as Digital Light Synthesis, that is rapid, uses materials that have the requisite properties to yield final parts and is economically competitive.  Our approach promises to advance industry beyond basic prototyping, which is what 3D printing has primarily been limited to, to truly enable3D manufacturing. Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) harnesses light and oxygen to grow objects from a pool of resin instead of printing them layer-by-layer. DLS capitalizes on the fundamental principle of oxygen inhibited photopolymerization to generate a continual liquid-interface of uncured resin between the growing part and the exposure window.

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Conférence pharmaceutique Barré - «Digital Light Synthesis to Drive Manufacturing»
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