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Drawing Lessons from European System of Geographical Indications Centered on Feta Cheese Conflict


Sunhee Park donnera sa conférence inaugurale

In spite of the trend of globalization, a sense of cultural belonging directed by food and eating is ever intensified and often followed by relentless disputes over cultural ownership. Korea-Japan and Korea-China Kimchi disputes are the cases that well reveal the issue of food ownership and subsequently the subtle tension in Northeast Asia. The Feta cheese dispute within the European Union demonstrated that the acquirement of qualification for Protected Designation of Origin can mean a defense of cultural claims. In this talk, it suggests that the Geographical Indications (GI) can serve as a useful tool to settle disputes over the origins of food in Northeast Asia. Registering Kimchi on the GI can provide Korea with legal background in its food ownership. With this in mind, I will argue in my talk that the disputes over contested origin of food can be resolved through the application of GI.

Applying the System of Geographical Indications in Kimchi Dispute
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