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5155 avenue Decelles amphithéâtre – 1035, H3T 2B1

Samuel Owerre, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, 31 Caroline St. N., Waterloo, Ontario N2L 2Y5, Canada.

The original concept of topological insulators (TIs) and  Floquet TIs is rooted in electronic systems. For example, graphene with strong spin-orbit coupling (SOC) is a TI with topologically protected chiral edge modes. Whereas in the absence of SOC, graphene irradiated by circularly polarized electric field can be turned to a Floquet topological insulator.  In the first part of this talk, I will  introduce the concept of topological magnon insulator in honeycomb ferromagnet CrI3 and kagome antiferromagnets. I will also discuss recent material realization of topological magnons in CrI3 by inelastic neutron scattering. In the second part of this talk, I will introduce the concept of Floquet topological magnon insulators as an alternative way to induce topological magnons in irradiated quantum magnets. Furthermore, I will discuss the potential practical applications of Floquet topological magnons to ultrafast spintronics. 

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Cette conférence est présentée par le RQMP Versant Nord du Département de physique de l'Université de Montréal et le Département de génie physique de Polytechnique Montréal.

Theory of Topological Magnon and Floquet Topological Magnon Insulators - Samuel Owerre Perimeter Institute
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