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Venezuela is again in the headlines, with opposition leader Juan Guaidó declaring himself the country's interim president and being recognized by numerous countries including the United States and Canada. Guaidó also appears to enjoy significant support amongst much of Venezuela's population. Meanwhile President Nicolás Maduro retains the support of Venezuela's armed forces and a not-insignificant fraction of the population, despite presiding over one of the worst economic collapses in global history. To further complicate matters, Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened military action, and just imposed debilitating oil-sector sanctions on Venezuela. What brought Venezuela to this point? And what might be done to avert a catastrophic civil war?


Gabriel Hetland is an assistant professor of Latin American Studies at the University at Albany, State University of New York. He studies politics and social movements in Latin America and the US, with a focus on urban participatory governance. His writings have appeared in Qualitative Sociology, Latin American Perspectives, Journal of World Systems Research, and popular outlets such as The Guardian, The Nation, NACLA, and Jacobin.

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Venezuela on the Brink - ANNULÉ