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Montréal (QC) Canada  H3T 1J6
As science probes ever more extreme facets of the universe, the role of nuclear theory in confronting fundamental questions in nature continues to deepen. Long considered a phenomenological field, breakthroughs in our understanding of nuclear and electroweak forces in nuclei are rapidly transforming modern nuclear theory into a true first-principles, or ab initio, discipline. In particular this allows us to connect directly to some of the most exciting questions in physics beyond the standard model such as the nature of dark matter and the nature of neutrino masses through a hypothetical process called neutrinoless double beta decay, where we must first confront a puzzle which has challenged the field for over 50 years. La conférence est pour tout public et le café est servi dès 11h30. https://www.triumf.ca/jason-d-holt
Nuclei for beyond standard model physics - Jason Holt (TRIUMF)