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Research at The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST
Why AIST is the best place for your innovative R&D?

Koichi Awazu, Deputy Director, Collaboration promotion and International Affairs Division, AIST

AIST is one of the largest national research institute in Japan, and performs both basic research and the application of same. But the gap between basic research and industrialization is very deep and wide, and is therefore aptly called, “the Valley of Death”. That is the reason why many high quality basic researches remain basic research for a long period without reaching commercialization. Do you have any good ideas for achieving commercialization quickly?

We at AIST have many solutions for realizing fast commercialization. In my talk, I will introduce our systems for open innovation platforms, the role of innovation coordinators, and our open innovation laboratory in universities etc, together with some success stories. Moreover, we believe that diversity is the most important environment for innovation. We employ medical doctors, physicists, chemists, computer scientists etc and engineers with industry experience. We also look for talented students from all over the world, because scientists overseas have their own backgrounds, e.g., cultures, philosophies, etc. We at AIST believe that the merging of researchers with different backgrounds is the definition of innovation. We would be highly delighted if you develop an interest in studying as a tenure-track and a tenured researcher as well as a postdoctoral researcher in AIST at the conclusion of this seminar.

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Research at The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology