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Titre : Tellurium in Biological Probes for Mass Cytometry—Tell us More
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Professeure Joëlle Pelletier
Endroit: Pavillon J.-Armand Bombardier, local 1035 à partir de 11h

Cette conférence sera prononcée par le Professeur Mark Nitz de la University of Toronto.

RÉSUMÉ: Mass Cytometry (MC) offers unparalleled potential for the development of highly parameterized cellular assays. Using antibody-metal chelating polymer conjugates, MC has made the simultaneous analysis of >40 biomarkers at the cellular level broadly available to the research community. To compliment these bioaffinity reagents we are expanding the dimensions of MC analysis by developing small molecule probes designed for use with the technology. A compact MC-detectable fragment containing tellurium has been generated that can be conjugated to a variety of probes to target biological processes such as enzyme activity, metabolism or transport. In a key example of the potential of this approach a series of tellurium containing isotopologous probes for cellular hypoxia were synthesized. Sequential labelling with the isotopologous probes (SLIP) of pancreatic tumour xenograft models revealed changes in cellular oxygenation over time which correlates with the distance from vasculature, the proliferation of cell populations, and proximity to necrosis. SLIP allows for capture of spatial and temporal dynamics in vivo which can be deconvoluted in highly parametric experiments by imaging MC. Using this approach for probe development we will describe for following protein synthesis, replicative senescence and glycoprotein synthesis by MC.


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Conférence de chimie avec le Professeur Mark Nitz (Toronto)
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