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Cette conférence sera prononcée (en anglais) par le Professeur Dirk Kurth du Département de chimie de la University of Wurzburg.

Recently, metallo-polymers have gained world-wide attention due to their promising properties for numerous technological applications. The metal ion-induced self-assembly of polytopic ligands results in macromolecular equilibrium structures that can adapt to external stimuli. The metal ions add interesting value-adding features, such as electrochemical, reactive, magnetic properties but they also offer unusual structural and dynamical aspects to the resulting polymers. In contrast to discrete metal complexes metallo-polymers can in principle be processed like polymers. However, little is known about the polymer physics of these systems such as growth kinetics, size distribution, concentration dependence of structure. The lecture will address some of the fundamental aspects of metallo-polymers and will highlight possible applications.

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