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2900, chemin de la Tour
Montréal (QC) Canada  H3T 1J6

Titre: Organizing Mechanically Interlocked Molecules to Function Inside Metal-organic Frameworks

Endroit : Pavillon Claire Mc-Nicoll, salle Z-215 à 9 h 30

Hôte : Andreea Schmitzer

Cette conférence sera prononcée (en anglais )par le Professeur Stephen. J. Loeb du département de chimie de l'Université de Windsor.

Résumé: Artificial molecular switches and machines (see 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) based on the relative motion of the components of mechanically interlocked molecules (MIMs) are most often devices that operate in solution where they are randomly dispersed and their motion incoherent. In order to create ultra-dense molecular-based memory or control electronic properties of materials at the molecular level, these tiny devices structures need to be organized in a predictable and orderly manner. One way to achieve a higher level of molecular organization and coherency would be to precisely place the “soft” dynamic molecular components that undergo motion (e.g. rotation or translation) into the pores of metal organic framework (MOF) materials. In this way, the “soft” MIM would be clearly separated from the “hard” structural skeleton of the MOF that holds it in place.

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Conférence du Professeur Stephen. J. Loeb (Windsor)
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