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Salle 1035
5155, avenue Decelles
Montréal (QC) Canada  H3T 2B1

Titre : Photocatalysis with Visible Light.
Endroit : Pavillon J.-A.-Bombardier, salle 1035 à 11 h
Hôte : Professeur Shawn Collins

La conférence sera prononcée (en anglais) par le professeur Tehshik Yoon, du département de chimie de l'University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Résumé : Light can be considered a clean, renewable, and inexpensive “reagent” for chemical synthesis.  Nevertheless, most conventional methods for the photochemical synthesis of organic compounds requires the use of specialized photochemical equipment that is capable of generating high energy ultraviolet light and containing it safely.  This is a practical impediment that has prevented the wide adoption of photochemical synthesis in the fine chemicals industry.  We have developed a strategy that exploits the reactivity of transition metal photocatalysts in order to perform a variety of synthetically useful cycloaddition reactions using visible wavelengths of light.  By enabling the use of direct sunlight rather than high energy artificial UV light, we hope to establish a new, environmentally responsible approach to synthetic organic photochemistry.


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Conférence du Professeur Tehshik Yoon (Wisconsin-Madison)
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