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Léa Gauthier, Université de Montréal


The same sign dilepton channel is a good probe for BSM physics at LHC due to its very low background in the SM and this final state is expected in a wide variety of new physics models: Composite Higgs Model, Randall-Sundrum, SUSY, … This final state is used here to analyse different exotic models.
The exotic partners of the top as T5/3 (decay to tW) and 4-top events presented here are the most
spectacular final states of models with Higgs and top composite and their final state are quite similar.
Two analyses are presented here :
 - a theoretical analysis with 4 tops in the final state : four-top production is a spectacular final state and a sensitive probe of new physics. Examples are models where the top quark is partially composite or where a new heavy particle couples strongly or exclusively to top quarks.
 - an experimental analysis with an extradimensional model which includes top partner particles as well as four-top production. This analysis includes the first ATLAS results: a limit on the four-top production cross-section and a limit on the composite model when both pair and single production of the top partner are taken into account.

Cette conférence est présentée par le Groupe de Physique des Particules du Département de physique de l'Université de Montréal.

Studies in the same sign dilepton channel of the BSM top - Léa Gauthier
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