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Salle 1035
5155, chemin de la rampe
Montréal (QC) Canada  H3T 2B2

Conférence de chimie avec le professeur Osamu Ishitani de l’Université Tokyo Institute of Technology  

Titre: ''Reduction of low concentration CO2 using metal-complex catalysts''

Endroit : Pavillon Roger Gaudry, salle M415

Heure : 11:00 AM

Hôte : Professeur Garry Hanan

Résumé :

We have to develop artificial systems which can convert CO2 to useful and energy-rich compounds by using renewable energy. We aim to use solar energy because human beings have produced a huge amount of CO2 mainly from fossil resources to make energy. Exhaust gases from such as thermal power plants and iron manufactures contained several % up to 20% of CO2. Although several methods such as adsorption and desorption methods using amines and membrane filtration have been already developed for enrichment of CO2, these procedures require high energy consumption. If low concentration of CO2 can be directly reduced by artificial methods, it should give a new direction of researches for artificial photosynthesis.

In this presentation, I report such systems using CO2-capturing properties of metal complexes.


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Conférence de chimie avec le professeur Osamu Ishitani_Tokyo Institute of Technology